A New Normal

posted Mar 23, 2020, 7:30 AM by Diane Shaw
As someone who usually thrives on excitement and change, it is unsettling to find myself overwhelmed with the uncertainty of each day. Regardless of what does change over the next weeks or months, a few things will stay constant. We are here for you and your children. Facebook will continue to host schoolwide announcements and fun connection points, and Dojo will be our primary communication tool for academics. Staff will contact you and your child once a week to see how everything is going. If possible, we may be making home visits for kiddos we don't get ahold of and to deliver technology or materials as needed. You may contact me directly through ClassDojo, email dshaw@garnerisd.net, or leave a voicemail at (940)682-4251 ext. 101. Please remind your children daily how much they are loved and missed around here. Don't stress about the work. Do what you can. Reach out for assistance as needed. Play board games, build a living room fort out of sheets, read with flashlights, and enjoy this amazing opportunity to slow down and experience the lost art of relaxation. #GarnerGreatnessGoingStrong